The people and ideas behind the brand


Elder Piper is an artisinal brewery and cidery in northern Michigan founded as a celebration and exploration of the art of fermentation.

We make modern fermented beverages with stories and a sense of adventure. Curiosity, care, and intentionality are the foundation for our community.

Elder Piper Beer + Cider was founded by Trace and Eeva Redmond in 2023. After a decade in craft beer working for some of the biggest and best brewers in the country, they brought their skills and a vision for modern fermented beverages back home to northern Michigan.

Elder Piper was born from years of perfecting a technical process and exploring the breadth of our craft. In some ways, the brewery is a home for all our wild ideas and projects that did not fit into our past experiences in the craft beer industry.

Our brews reflect the region in which they are made: drawing on rich local agriculture and translating it into something modern and delightful.

We believe that beer + cider should be an experience and a journey built on curiosity and a connection to the place in which it was made and enjoyed.

Trace Redmond


Trace Redmond is an award-winning brewer with over a decade of experience in craft beer. He started his career in the cellar at Founder’s Brewing in Grand Rapids and then moved on to build out a start-up brewery in Detroit. More recently, he worked as the Head of Innovation at Highland Brewing, North Carolina’s largest craft brewery.  Over the course of his career, Trace has developed over 400 recipes. He continues to draw inspiration for his brews from the kitchen, the natural world, and his Appalachian roots. 

Before beer, Trace studied biology and fell in love with northern Michigan while working at the biology station on Beaver Island. His technical skill as a brewer stems from his experience in the sciences.  He is the secretary for the Michigan chapter of The Master Brewers Association of The Americas (MBAA)

Eeva Redmond

Co-Founder/Creative Director

Eeva Redmond is a beer writer, Certified Cicerone, beer competition judge and educator with over a decade of experience working with some of the largest craft breweries in the country. Before returning to her hometown in Petoskey, she lived in Grand Rapids, Detroit, Asheville, NC, and Antwerp, Belgium. She started her career at a startup brewery in Detroit. From there, she joined the team at Sierra Nevada where she earned her Cicerone certification (the equivalent of a sommelier for beer). She also worked for Highland Brewing Company where she managed communications and community relations.

In addition to her work as a beer professional, Eeva also writes about beer for publications like PorchDrinking and consults on marketing strategy and public relations for small artisan businesses.  

Our brand

Our name, Elder Piper, was the first and middle name of one of our ancestors. Elder Piper is a curious name with a hint of magic. It felt true to us and the beers and ciders we make.

Our logo is a stylized representation of the Pitchers Thistle (Cirsium pitcheri). We admire this native northern Michigan plant and the way it thrives along the ever-shifting sands of the Great Lakes dunes.